winterevents-090Day 28~ Teenagers on a student exchange

She wheels her luggage bag with her red OBEY sweater and little leather coat down the arrival gate.  I grab my girl who’s been on the student exchange this week and hug her tight.  The airport is crowded and full of mama tears as we all hug the kids who, for many of us, was for the first time they were too far away for us to rescue.

Panama is going to be another story.  But that’s in January and for now I’ll clean her room and and put out fresh linens to welcome home the sleepy girl with love.


My older two are spreading their wings and a deep rustle inside me is giving permission to let them fly.  I hold their life out to the creator who loves them even more than I do and trust.  Trust in God’s love.  Trust in the characters they have become.

And maybe the truth is they don’t need me to rescue them.

When they were six years old this life seemed so far away. The days, they go by slow, repetitive and oh so very ordinary. The years, they fill up quick.  There are Memory book pages and collections of event buttons that overfill the cups.  Our full life of ‘remember whens’ gives me peace. 

Wishing you peace this monday morning.