Day 31~ Music, Sex, and feet washing for teenagers

familyfallshots12-012It takes a community to raise a child and here on the technological super highway there are so many fantastic people writing and sharing their truths about teenagers.

If you’re wondering what to say about sex with your teen, I’d definitely read this blogger.  She speaks truth.

Regret free parenting?  Check out Tim Challis.  

This writer is so good I had a hard time picking which post.  They. Are. Authentic. Words.  I washed my 2 boys feet this summer, (not on purpose) but it was a moment of grace.  Check out the Life Artist.

What a beautiful celebration of how the youth can set an example for everyone.  Take time for this video.

This is the final post for my 31 days of teenager postsI’ve compiled all the posts in this series on a page in case you missed any.  There are good things coming from this next generation.  It’s been my pleasure to document some of them, including my messy mistakes.  

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