0c3a3ed020c411e2914322000a1f984e_6October was full of trying to find the wit and wisdom I didn’t have.  In comes November with me raging at the system and still finding no wit and definitely no wisdom.

Daily I lay my burden down and for that I get enough clarity to do my school work, brush my hair and cook dinner for the family.  But in the quiet of the drive or in the wee hours of the morning I hear the words of Solomon,

We are all subject to time and chance.  

Even the wise do not completely understand why the righteous get punished and the foolish get rewarded.  

We are all subject to time and chance.  

I was the little blond girl with the plastic butterfly barrettes putting up her hand in class and asking why.  There was never enough answers for all my questions.  There still isn’t enough.

I’ve swept up the early November pieces and have given them to the Lord to mend.  My foolishness, life’s injustices, misplaced values.

Thankful for new mercies every morning.