micah68It is taking great effort to write about anything that isn’t a peer reviewed essay.  So much so, that I’m craving an essay topic.  A dreaded essay at-the-time topic that will haunt my sleep, and remind me when I wake that there is research to be done and words to be analyzed.  Deadlines will loom.

I look outside at the falling snow for minutes, and soon 2 cm has fallen and not even an iota of thought flickers in my brain.  It’s as if the lights are out.  All is dark.

christmas pre-072I guess you could say this is a writers block.  A writers fear.  A dry and wandering place.

And this blog has been on my mind.  What should I do with it?  Should I give it a new look?  Is what I’m writing worth it?  Who am I writing for? What’s to become of peaches and beaches?

This is my New Year’s jet lag.

But on a more uplifting note, thanks to some sound counsel from my spiritual friends I’m making space.  Making space for the next few months to sort out my path and purpose.  This means no knee jerk choice or guilt motivated ones.  And for a controller and solution driven women this is a very uncomfortable place to be.

At least I thought it would be.

But somehow making space has been less passive than I expected and instead rather assertive. I have to choose the best and allow my Creator to speak while I listen.  I’m one of those prayers who like to tell God what’s going on and never really stop to be Still.

I’m leaning into the verses on being still and knowing that He is God and respecting the elders teaching on asking for mercy.  

I will get up tomorrow and wish my kids a good day, see them off to the bus and come back to my thin place downstairs to seek the divine.  Thursday means its vacuum day and washing sheets day.  Perhaps I’ll go for coffee later with my friend.  Everything so quotidian, yet the mystical can happen in the present work.  Watch and pray.