januaryshots-072This past weekend was spent driving through the prairies. Sky and sunrises that caused us to stop outside the rink and just breathe in the beauty.  God is everywhere.  Even at the sports centre.  I’m sure He was cheering on Wynter’s ringette team.  Ok, I’m being facetious but sports can bury you deep in emotion and make you forget that the world is big and you can’t control it as much as you try.  Thank God for his reminders.

That weekend tournament has left me home this monday seriously exhausted after driving for 7 hours, which we were supposed to fly – a whole other story – and drained.  It was a gift to not have to go to work or pack up to the gym.  Just crawl out of bed, be still in my quiet space, and recoup.

I guess you could say that my world has been revolving around serious contemplation.  Thinking through personal mission statements and analyzing what I value.  A check up of sorts.  I’ve been daring to dream a bit.  Still hesitant on letting my imagination go.

januaryshots-064The gift of time has been given to me and I recognize it here.   Give thanks for it.  Wes and I head out together grocery shopping at the Superstore this morning, examining yogurt and wicker baskets and arguing about how much snack food we need.  Why do we have to have so much on hand?  

Little bits of together that tie us close and somehow offer me so much comfort in it’s ordinary.

The days roll on like snowballs down a hill and I want them to stop yet speed up.  My one daughter is away far in another country and I see her in prayer, trusting in God to watch over her and her team of friends.  I search through her facebook and instagram pictures so I can imagine rubbing her arms and listening to her talk.  The things we do when we miss someone.  For her return I wish for quick time.  For my selfish pleasure I’d like it to slow down.

That is my monday.  A little bit of glory sneaking in the space.  May you experience the same gift of peace in the ordinary.