cropped-vveen-family-photo-167.jpgThe hockey skates are put away and with my knees bent low, I have decided to post again.  Oh how I hate the sting of self-awareness.  If I may, tell my story of what’s going on in my little life.

Some 4 years ago, I decided to write online as a creative outlet.  A voice in many voices.  I remained in internet obscurity and together with my wordpress account I could spill prayers on the page and publish images that were worthy.  I picked me.  I didn’t wait for permission.

Then I read other bloggers telling me to do things in certain ways.  Build a tribe.  Be specific. Don’t talk religion or politics. Do this, do that.  And I lost my fit.  My reason why.  I believed ‘them.’

And somewhere along in my blogging life, I started to wait for others permission.  I sought comments.  I waited for likes.  And this need for approval plagued my freedom.    

We want many to like us and only then we feel we have the right to be heard.

Seth Godin or any TED talk will adamantly disagree about this.  Choose yourself.  Pick yourself.

For it is in that self-acceptance there you are.  There you are in all your God glory goodness.

You have the right to be heard and the right to be wrong.  


I’m back.

My new website is now just peaches and beaches.  A little bit updated.  And it’s there I’ll play with my words and pictures and be gloriously right or wrong.  Liked or unliked.  Do I hear an AMEN!  I’ll also  learn how to use plugins and do cool things with the pages that were a wee bit limited at the other website.

If you read me on facebook nothing will change but any of you email readers will be moved shortly.  The rss feed will be changed as well.  If I can’t figure the rss out it may require a new feed update on your part.  (If you were like me for many years, you don’t even know what that is.  Give me email or give me none!!)

I sincerely thank you for reading my words.  May they bring encouragement to you that you are not alone.  That there is much grace in the mundane.  I truly believe that in the dishes and the driving is exactly where the Divine meets you.

Much love